Update 0.2

Some bug fixes, performance optimization and useful features to make the experience better. You can now grow several trees and see them on the planet! And hopefully, you can save all your stuff.

  • Feature
    • Go back to the planet view from a level, load level with existing tree.
    • Save/load. Save the planet with all trees and auto-load at start.
    • Display trees on planet view
    • Initial arrow helper visible only at the beginning. Save button not visible at the beginning.
  • Fix
    • Prevent removing first branch and first root.
    • Branch and root remove bug : when double-click the first branch was also removed and parent was considered terminal even if not. This must fix some strange behavior when removing like disappearing trunk chunk or floating branch.
  • Performance
    • Change the way water map is displayed (tile map to image)
    • Change the way terminal root pulsor are animated (d3 transition to css animation)

If you experienced performance problem with the previous version, I will greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Soon, a major update!

Happy grow.


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Which button do you press to remove a branch or root

Can't wait for the major update!