A game mechanic experiment based on bomb discovery using distance probes.

  1. Put probe to have clues about relative distance of the bombs in the probe area
  2. Use several probes to more precisely target the position of the bombs
  3. Guess and flag bombs
  4. Validate a probe to clear the area and disable flagged bombs
  5. Disable all bombs to win

Be careful!

When circles intersectthere is a strong probability for the
bomb to be at the intersection
but there are also other possibilities


You can try to win in 2 different ways:

  • as fast as possible
  • using fewer probes

Maybe some interesting strategies will emerge.


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Tags2D, Abstract, bomb, minesweeper, Mouse only, Short, Singleplayer, Vector
Average sessionA few minutes

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Going to edit this as I continue but currently I have 42 - 38 -  36, ok now I'm done with this here's proof btw 

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Rediscovered this after a long time, still love it. I just wish the zooming worked better near the edges. Seems like you have to put your mouse on the very edge to make sure the edge is included, instead of it centering around your mouse. Wouldn't be as much of a problem if dragging worked, but I can't figure out how to drag without placing a probe.

Current best probes out of 6 wins is 44 and best time is 2:08

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Great game. My personal best (so far) is 3:09 with 57 probes

Update: new best is 2:56 with 45 probes

Getting the Flags on where the bombs are is tough. They have to be pretty close?


I'm kinda late here(haha yeah), but I'd like to say this game is really good and hard in a good way, even though there's a little nitpick of mine: the lines of the probes are sometimes too thick, which makes it very hard to correctly guess the mine placement, even if you are sure it is there


Good game!  Technically, though, this is trilateration, not triangulation.

Damn! you're right! and it's a much better name for a game! I have to do a v2 now... Thanks! ;)


Nice Minesweeper idea. Was very fun :)


Interesting game, I enjoyed it.

The only thing I didn't like is that Minesweeper-esque rule where if you randomly click on an invisible bomb you lose the game.


I think this is amazing! Really creative, i loved it!

Thanks a lot! :)

I know this game hasn't been updated in two years, but I really like the idea here and I want to give my thoughts.

I think if I accidentally click on a mine that is not currently indicated by any circles from probes, the mine should be moved to another location instead of instantly losing. It's okay if there's already a probe down because I know clicking anywhere on the circle is a risk of exploding, but when I click in the middle of nowhere to put down a probe and randomly die it's extremely not cool. 

I also don't understand the lose conditions in this game. Sometimes when I try to validate an incorrect flag it flashes red and I get to keep playing, and sometimes it ends the game. As far as I can tell it has nothing to do with how many probes I have used, or how many failed attempts I have made. The exact losing conditions should be outlined in the instructions.

It's like.. don't click randomly anywhere, right? If you are so unlucky to step on the mine with first click, just start new game.

Yes but until I have located a mine that I can work on solving I have no other option but to click randomly anywhere. making it impossible to die from this would remove some frustration from the game without losing any actual challenge in the gameplay.

Are we both talking about the first game click? It seems like you're talking about midgame situation, when you see no more mines, but you have found 8 of 20 yet. I believe you are supposed to place probes on the scanned area only. If you're thinking about the midgame, what you suggest is a huge gameplay change imo.

I do mean in the middle of the game, and all I'm suggesting is that if you click directly on a mine in the middle of nowhere that you haven't scanned, rather than unavoidably dying completely by chance which is frustrating and prematurely ends the game, the mine would be moved just slightly away from where the player clicked, completely without their knowledge of course, avoiding this frustration without the player even realizing that this is happening. This way losing feels less random. the strategy of only placing probes in scanned areas adresses the problem somewhat, but if you're trying to win with the fewest possible probes, the best strategy is to take your chances in the unscanned zones, which can be not very fun. From a game design point of view, we don't want to make the most effective strategy one that is tedious or frustrating, and I think this change would be beneficial to that end.

After your first click you just do not need to click to black area. You can solve it just by clicking into turquoise color (not on circles) or on cyan even on circles and you are always safe..

Been playing this for 2 days, will remain in a tab for a 5 minute break!! Love the mechanic. Supported :)

Very nice to hear :) Thanks a lot for your support!!

Pretty great mechanic! It makes a clever and challenging puzzle, with lots of interesting situations. I really enjoyed it!

Wow thanks! I really enjoyed your comment :)

i really don't ge this game.. why do you lose if you didn't flag where it was??

It's a bit like Minesweeper game. With distance probe.


WTF is this game?? How do you play it? Why do you lose if you didnt' gues the bomb????

uhhh actually the goal of the game is to guess the bomb. By putting probes. Probe indicates distance. One probe only is not enough to guess the position so you have to put several probe to find a common intersection.

Are there any plans to make this game a mobile app?


I'd like but it's a bit of work and i don't earn money with this, so it's not my priority.

Awesome game.. Do u allow embedding? Id love to embed it on ozogames. Thank you

Thanks! You're allowed to embed it, with the credit and link. If you make millions dollars, I want a bit of it. And it would be fair to support me ;)

Thank You. I don't know about a million but am sure we can make at least 950,000 . :) I don't put any ads on the games I embed, actually I dont even have ads on the site. I agree with the other commenter about it being a good mmo game. Maybe like bonk.io? where upto 8 people can play together in a map and the one who discovers the most bombs win? It's easy for me to just imagine it, but harder to code isnt it. Anyways great game and I'll send you the link in a few mins on reddit. Do u have twitter or other social media. I usually link to the dev's social media or website too.

Never mind. Found your website. Will tweet you the link later.

the MMO version is a great idea I keep in mind but it's a bit too much work for now.  But I will do it one day!

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no official twitter account yet but a facebook page. I post in french but projects are in english.

EDIT : twitter account \o/


Supported! Keep developing this!


Thank you so much! It means a lot!

Very fun game! I played for 2 games for about an hour and a half~.

Is it possible for the game to detect that you've won? so far I've placed all my flags, then purposely triggered a mine only to find that I was 100% correct. Is the flagging just very sensitive?


Do you know that if you left-click on a probe it will validate the flagged bombs? When all probes are validated (and all bomb discovered) then you win. I think you deserve a big bonus for having flagged all bombs without validating a single probe!

Yep, flagging is very sensitive, just like minesweeping ;)

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Very cool game. It would be great if you could make the timer pause if I take off browser focus (say, to check a different tab on something unrelated while playing).

EDIT: It would also be helpful if all the mines were revealed upon losing for educational purposes.

EDIT #2: It would be awesome if we could control map size. Maybe Triangulation could be continually procedurally generated and even be made into an endless MMO! For example, here is an infinite Minesweeper MMO: https://mienfield.com

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  •  you're right it's better, I will reveal all mines when we lose
  • of course, easy, from a little prototype to an endless MMO. I'll try to do it during the night :p Seriously, choosing map size (and number of bombs) is a good idea. And thanks for the interesting link.

EDIT: you got it, all bombs are revealed when you lose. It only remains to make the endless MMO.


Very cool game. It would be great if you could make the timer pause if I take off browser focus (say, to check a different tab on something unrelated while playing).

Thanks! but you're not supposed to do "something unrelated" when you clear of mines. It's serious man! :p

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:P But I just got a phone call!

thanks to turn your phone off when minesweeping

Dude.  The bomb flagging is waaaay too sensitive.    If I miss by a tiny fraction of an inch on screen, I lose.  If you're going to be that sensitive, I need a way to zoom in or something

Not necessarily. If you look at the example, you are supposed to be able to pin down the exact point of each bomb using a minimum of three probes (hence the name of the game). If you're not able to click on the exact spot and you're on Windows, use Magnifier:
{WinKey and +} launches the program as well as zooms in
{WinKey and -} zooms out
{WinKey + Esc} closes Magnifier

Thanks for feedback. I will work on a zoom feature.


Very cool idea!

At first I though that it was not really clear where the mines are, but after a bit it is actually really fun! :D